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TFS - A unique approach

26 February 2009
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The general aim of education is to contribute towards the development of all aspects of the individual including: aesthetic, creative, emotional, intellectual & physical development. In developing Training For Success, Epilepsy Ireland adopted a holistic approach, which focuses on two main areas.

Career Planning & Development

Participants in Training For Success will be provided with the information and resources to plan and act on their chosen career options. Based on the principles of self-advocacy and personal choice, the student will begin the process of confidence building through the media of debate and discussion.

Students will be enabled to have a clear idea of where they are heading and to develop a career plan for the future.

Personal Development

Many people with epilepsy experience an underlying damage to confidence and self-image. The roots of this wound are very deep and are caused by many factors. Ultimately, the wound is linked to a profound sense of powerlessness. This sense of powerlessness is reflected in the actual physical manifestation of epilepsy, in that a seizure is a loss of control, a condition that is random, disruptive and unpredictable.

The training and education of young people with epilepsy must focus on empowerment and enable the individual to break the 'vicious cycle' of dependency. For this reason, Training For Success places great importance on the whole area of personal development.

In covering these two main areas students are provided with the necessary skills to seek employment and the confidence to apply these skills to achieve career of their choice.

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