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'I am afraid of birds' image

I am afraid of birds

By Kate Muller. My name is Kate . I am very ordinary. I live in Tralee. I am afraid of birds. I love taking photographs. I am happily married for 37 years and we have a wonderful son. I have epilepsy... » read more

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Triplets and a very lucky mum

When my triplets were just a year and a half, one of the boys had a febrile convulsion. It scared the life out of me in the middle of the night. Between then and age 5 he had 12 more. Meanwhile, at age 3 my other son had a seizure one day in the car... » read more

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Silent Suffering

By Katie Nolan: Epilepsy is one of those conditions that despite all the progress over the years, is still kept in the dark. People often just see it as having a grand mal seizure now and then. Well that is not the case... » read more

'HSE “Emergency Services” Unable to Respond to Epilepsy Emergencies' image

HSE “Emergency Services” Unable to Respond to Epilepsy Emergencies

By Tom O'Connor: Our son, Kieran, was 32 when he died last April. Unfortunately, he had a status epilepticus seizure and we were living in Ireland... » read more

'Seizures: recognising a medical emergency' image

Seizures: recognising a medical emergency

By Roisin Kelly: In September 2012, I was in my friend's apartment when I had an 'aura' and subsequently a tonic-clonic seizure. It was the first time for my friends to ever witness a seizure. » read more

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Do not quit!

by Lesley Donnelly: My mother pulled me aside and gave me four words to follow when trying to gain my independence at the age of 18... 'TIME, PATIENCE, WILLPOWER AND UNDERSTANDING'. » read more

'Floor beneath my feet' image

Floor beneath my feet

By Lorraine Lally: I now have a new appreciation for the floor, all floors regardless of whether they are wooden, tiled or carpeted. It is like the inner carpenter in me has been released as a result of my condition. » read more

'My Life Changed' image

My Life Changed

By Anne Conway: When I was 18 my life changed. I was just about to start college, move out of home and then I had my first seizure. » read more

'There is no need to hide thanks to the internet' image

There is no need to hide thanks to the internet

By Audrey Muddiman: When I was first diagnosed with epilepsy at age 11, Ireland was a very different place. People didn't admit to have epilepsy. My parents sheltered me from any stigma that might be attached by simply not telling people that I had epilepsy. » read more

'Let's Dance' image

Let's Dance

By Jenny Snook: Ballet dancing is a hobby that I've enjoyed for almost 25 years. When I had surgery for my epilepsy two years ago, I had to stop dancing for over a year... » read more

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