Speakers Corner

Ten people with epilepsy and family members of those living with epilepsy have written a personal article about how epilepsy has affected their lives and why it's important for all of us to better understand the realities of the condition.

'I am afraid of birds' image

I am afraid of birds

By Kate Muller. My name is Kate . I am very ordinary. I live in Tralee. I am afraid of birds. I love taking photographs. I am happily married for 37 years and we have a wonderful son. I have epilepsy... » read more

'Triplets and a very lucky mum' image

Triplets and a very lucky mum

When my triplets were just a year and a half, one of the boys had a febrile convulsion. It scared the life out of me in the middle of the night. Between then and age 5 he had 12 more. Meanwhile, at age 3 my other son had a seizure one day in the car... » read more

'Silent Suffering' image

Silent Suffering

By Katie Nolan: Epilepsy is one of those conditions that despite all the progress over the years, is still kept in the dark. People often just see it as having a grand mal seizure now and then. Well that is not the case... » read more

'HSE “Emergency Services” Unable to Respond to Epilepsy Emergencies' image

HSE “Emergency Services” Unable to Respond to Epilepsy Emergencies

By Tom O'Connor: Our son, Kieran, was 32 when he died last April. Unfortunately, he had a status epilepticus seizure and we were living in Ireland... » read more

'Seizures: recognising a medical emergency' image

Seizures: recognising a medical emergency

By Roisin Kelly: In September 2012, I was in my friend's apartment when I had an 'aura' and subsequently a tonic-clonic seizure. It was the first time for my friends to ever witness a seizure. » read more

'Do not quit!' image

Do not quit!

by Lesley Donnelly: My mother pulled me aside and gave me four words to follow when trying to gain my independence at the age of 18... 'TIME, PATIENCE, WILLPOWER AND UNDERSTANDING'. » read more

'Floor beneath my feet' image

Floor beneath my feet

By Lorraine Lally: I now have a new appreciation for the floor, all floors regardless of whether they are wooden, tiled or carpeted. It is like the inner carpenter in me has been released as a result of my condition. » read more

'My Life Changed' image

My Life Changed

By Anne Conway: When I was 18 my life changed. I was just about to start college, move out of home and then I had my first seizure. » read more

'There is no need to hide thanks to the internet' image

There is no need to hide thanks to the internet

By Audrey Muddiman: When I was first diagnosed with epilepsy at age 11, Ireland was a very different place. People didn't admit to have epilepsy. My parents sheltered me from any stigma that might be attached by simply not telling people that I had epilepsy. » read more

'Let's Dance' image

Let's Dance

By Jenny Snook: Ballet dancing is a hobby that I've enjoyed for almost 25 years. When I had surgery for my epilepsy two years ago, I had to stop dancing for over a year... » read more

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