Me & my epilepsy videos

Karen's Story

Karen is a Mother of three children while also juggling a responsible role is the Gaiety school of acting. Like many with epilepsy, she has faced challenges but remains defiant.


Katie's Story

Katie Cooke is a 20-year-old competitive runner from Dublin. Due to an aggressive form of epilepsy, she experiences up to 14 seizures a day. Despite her condition, Cooke hasn't let anything stand in the way of her love for running. With the help of her neurologist, who doubles as her running partner.

Claire's Story

Claire was diagnosed with having complex partial seizures at the age of 19 after her first year in college. During college Claire learned to come to terms with her epilepsy, moved out of home, gained work experience and travelled the world. These were all things that people told her she could never achieve. Claire describes herself as being quite accepting and open about her epilepsy, using it as a positive when possible.

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