Me & my epilepsy videos

Claire's Story

Claire Nolan,
Co. Kildare

Claire was diagnosed with having complex partial seizures at the age of 19 after her first year in college. During college Claire learned to come to terms with her epilepsy, moved out of home, gained work experience and travelled the world. These were all things that people told her she could never achieve. Claire describes herself as being quite accepting and open about her epilepsy, using it as a positive when possible.

Rick's Story

Rick O'Shea,
2FM Presenter & Epilepsy Ireland Patron

Rick is one of Ireland's best-known radio presenters. He has had epilepsy since he was 16. In this video he descibes his first seizure, coming to terms with epilepsy, other people's attitudes to his epilepsy and the challenges epilepsy has posed for him over the years. Rick also looks at some of the most common misunderstandings that exist about epilepsy including the use of language.

Audrey's Story

Audrey Muddiman,
Co. Meath

Audrey has been a strong advocate for epilepsy for many years and is an Epilepsy Ireland board member. She was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11. Having been deemed suitable for epilepsy surgery in her twenties, Audrey decided to proceed and she is now seizure free. She describes how being seizure free has helped her regain her independence.

Eoin's Story

Eoin Kernan

Eoin, originally from Limerick and now living in Dublin has had epilepsy since he was 21. His diagnosis involved a difficult learing curve for Eoin and his family as well as his friends. Although Eoin describes some of the emotional and medication effects associated with epilepsy, he says that it has made him more adventurous and hasn't affected his passions for sailing, travel, music and clubbing.

Fionnuala's Story

Fionnuala Marston
Co. Donegal

Fionnuala has had epilepsy since she was a teenager. Despite being warned by doctors about what she could and couldn't do as a person with epilepsy, Fionnuala has challenged people's perceptions of the condition since her diagnosis. She went back to college and got her degree, raised a family and today maintains her lifelong interest in soccer by coaching the school soccer team. In 2011, she was voted Ireland's Mum of The Year.

Oliver's Story

Oliver Kilmartin
Co. Dublin

Oliver has had epilepsy since he was 11 years old. As a teenager, he was unable to continue with hobbies such as horse riding, sailing and rugby. Oliver found that he lost many of his friends and experienced bullying and difficulties in school due to medication side effects such as a lack of energy. He encourages schools to become more informed and aware of epilepsy so that they can better support students with epilepsy.

Living with Epilepsy

Irish people with epilepsy discussing their experiences of living with epilepsy and highlighting some of the common misconceptions that exist around the condition.
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