Research Volunteers

Researchers who are investigating epilepsy rely on people with epilepsy to volunteer their time to participate in the studies. Taking part in a research study is generally not time consuming. Depending on the study, it may mean completing questionnaires, taking part in a phone interview or donating a blood sample.

Below is a list of studies that are currently looking for volunteers. Please take a look and get in touch with the researchers if you meet their criteria.

If you are a researcher looking for study participants, please email us at with details.

Volunteer for new study on how young adults take their epilepsy medications

Researchers at University College Cork are inviting young adults (18-30 years old) with epilepsy to take part in a new study that aims to understand how young adults take their medicines and the factors that affect how they do it. » read more


University of Liverpool need participants for new epilepsy study

The Clinical Psychology Department at the University of Liverpool want to get a better understanding of how anxiety and depression arise in people with epilepsy. » read more


Volunteers sought for study on whether dogs can predict seizures

A new research study being undertaken at Queens University Belfast will examine whether dogs have the ability to predict epileptic seizures and if so how they might do this. » read more


Adults with epilepsy invited to take part in UCD study on stress and resilience

Epilepsy Ireland and University College Dublin are inviting people with epilepsy to take park in a research study carried out by UCD's School Of Psychology. The study will explore first-hand experience of stress and resilience in the face of this neurological condition. » read more


Parents of children with epilepsy – take part in DCU questionnaire

The study aims to gather information which will help to tackle the negative challenges faced by children living with epilepsy » read more


Volunteers needed for Levetiracetam (Keppra) response study

Are you uner the care of Prof. Norman Delanty at Beaumont Hospital and seizure free while taking levetiracetam (keppra)? » read more

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