Research Priorities

23 December 2009
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One of Epilepsy Ireland's key strategic objectives is "To undertake, encourage, fund and communicate research into the causes of, cures for and management of epilepsy and into the social and psychological effects of the condition".

All of Epilepsy Ireland's strategic plans to date have highlighted the importance of research. The current 5-year Strategic Plan (2017-2021) identifies research as one of six key aims for the period.

We want to fund any area of research that has the potential to add significantly to existing knowledge into the cause, cure, care, treatment, impact and effect of any type of epilepsy, including SUDEP. We want to focus not only on a proposal's scientific quality but also on its relevance to people affected by epilepsy and its potential to deliver tangible benefits/ outcomes to the lives of people with epilepsy through a targeted investment.

We encourage proposals for all types of research including basic, clinical, psychosocial and health services research.

For our latest research call (October 2017), we are inviting applications that focus on one or more of the following research areas:

  • AEDs & Pregnancy/ Foetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome
  • Epilepsy & Intellectual Disability
  • Evaluating epilepsy services in Ireland (including Epilepsy Ireland services)
  • Medicinal Cannabis & Epilepsy
  • Psychosocial aspects of epilepsy
  • Rare epilepsies
  • SUDEP / Epilepsy mortality
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