Below is a list of Epilepsy Ireland's current information leaflets. You can also find these throughout the Epilepsy Information section of the site. They are presented here in alphabetical order and are free to download. Right-click and choose "Save As" to save to your PC.

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PDF icon Annual Accounts 2011 (Final_Accounts_2011.pdf | 1.36 MB)

Audited accounts for financial year 2011

PDF icon Annual Accounts 2012 (AuditedAccounts2012.pdf | 310 kB)
PDF icon Annual accounts 2013 (Audited_accounts_2013.pdf | 3.16 MB)

Audited accounts for financial year 2013

PDF icon Annual Accounts 2014 (Audited_Accounts_2014.pdf | 3.73 MB)

Audited financial statements for year ended 31-12-2014

PDF icon Annual Accounts 2015 (Final_Accounts_2015__low_Res_.pdf | 2.23 MB)

Audited SORP financial statements for financial year 2015

PDF icon Annual Accounts 2016 (Financial_Statements_2016_Final.pdf | 386 kB)

Audited SORP financial statements for financial year 2016

PDF icon Annual Accounts 2017 (Annual_Accounts_2017.pdf | 667 kB)


PDF icon Annual Report 2009 (Brainwave_Annual_Report_2009.pdf | 1.05 MB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2010 (Brainwave_Annual_Report_2010.pdf | 1.60 MB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2011 (Annual_Report_2011.pdf | 1.92 MB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2012 (Annual_Report_2012.pdf | 1.87 MB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2013 (Annual_Report_2013.pdf | 801 kB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2014 (Annual_Report_FINAL.pdf | 776 kB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2015 (Annual_Report_2015_FINAL.pdf | 4.48 MB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2016 (Annual_Report_2016_FINAL.pdf | 5.08 MB)
PDF icon Annual Report 2017 (Epilepsy_Ireland_Annual_Report_2017.pdf | 750 kB)


PDF icon Anti Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) Chart Brand / Generic Name (Drug_Treatment_of_Epilepsy_brand_generic.pdf | 265 kB)

Table explaining all the medication options plus their possible side-effects

PDF icon Anti Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) Chart Generic /Brand Name (Drug_Treatment_of_Epilepsy_generic_brand.pdf | 255 kB)
PDF icon Anti Smother Pillow (2017_Pillow_Form.pdf | 420 kB)

Anti smother pillow recommended for people who experience nocturnal seizures.

PDF icon Autism & Epilepsy (Epilepsy_Autism.pdf | 791 kB)

Rates of epilepsy among children and adults with autism may be higher than 30% compared 1% of the general population

PDF icon Back to School: Frequently Asked Questions (BACK_TO_SCHOOL.pdf | 359 kB)
PDF icon Be safe, reduce risks (Be_Safe_Reduce_Risk.pdf | 642 kB)

Joint Epilepsy Council leaflet about risks associated with epilepsy and suggested ways to minimise them.

PDF icon Child Protection 2016 (EI03_Child_Protection_2016.pdf | 1.24 MB)


PDF icon Complaints Policy 2016 (EI12_Complaints_Policy_2016.pdf | 676 kB)


PDF icon Complaints Policy & Procedures for Service Users (Complaints_Policy_Procedure.pdf | 30 kB)


PDF icon Complex Partial Seizures (Complex_Partial_Seizures.pdf | 575 kB)

Comprehensive information leaflet on Complex Partial Seizures

PDF icon Confidentiality Policy 2016 (EI08_Confidentiality_Policy_2016.pdf | 408 kB)


PDF icon Construction & Epilepsy (Epilepsy_Construction.pdf | 716 kB)

The type of safety considerations necessary in the construction of dwellings for private use by persons with epilepsy depend on the nature, severity and frequency of the seizures.

PDF icon Contaception for women with Epilepsy (Contraception_for_women_with_epilepsy.pdf | 511 kB)

Contraception for women with epilepsy

PDF icon Diagnosing Epilepsy (Diagnosing_Epilepsy.pdf | 751 kB)

How a diagnosis of epilepsy is made

PDF icon Disclosure of epilepsy (Disclosure_of_epilepsy.pdf | 188 kB)

Many people with epilepsy ask how they should deal with the issue of disclosing their epilepsy in a work situation. This leaflet gives some ideas

PDF icon Driving & Epilepsy 2017 (Epilepsy_Ireland-_FINAL_Driving_Booklet.pdf | 905 kB)
PDF icon Driving regulations (DRIVING_REGULATIONS_2010.pdf | 664 kB)

Driving regulations for people with epilepsy explained

PDF icon Driving Regulations Q&A (Driving_Regulations_QandA.pdf | 291 kB)
PDF icon Epi- Alert Identity Bracelet Form (Epi_Alert_Form_1.pdf | 89 kB)

 Application form for Epi Alert Bracelet

PDF icon Epilepsy Alarms and Telecare Services (Epilepsy_Alarms_Telecare_Services.pdf | 650 kB)
PDF icon Epilepsy & Alcohol (Epilepsy_and_Alcohol.pdf | 345 kB)

A person with epilepsy may need to take more care then others if drinking alcohol.

PDF icon Epilepsy and School (17648-Epilepsy_and_School_Web.pdf | 328 kB)

This booklet deals with common concerns parents raise and gives suggestions for dealing with the school.

PDF icon Epilepsy Checklist_for people with epilepsy (Epilepsy_Checklist.pdf | 194 kB)

This checklist is designed to assist you in getting the information and support you require from your GP and from other members of the health care team and support staff.

PDF icon Epilepsy Checklist_for teachers (epilepsy_checklist_Information_for_teachers.pdf | 15 kB)

Communication with parents, epilepsy checklist, information for schools

PDF icon Epilepsy Explained – Frequently Asked Questions 2017 (Epilepsy_Ireland-FINAL_Epilepsy_Explained.pdf | 2.32 MB)
PDF icon Epilepsy in Infants (Epilepsy_in_Infants.pdf | 607 kB)
PDF icon Epilepsy, Pregnancy & AEDs (Epilepsy_Pregnancy_and_AEDs_FINAL.pdf | 972 kB)

Important information for women with epilepsy about epilepsy medications and pregnancy

PDF icon Epilepsy Surgery (Epilepsy_Surgery.pdf | 172 kB)

What is epilepsy surgery and when will it be considered

PDF icon Exercise, Sport and Epilepsy (Epilepsy Day 2015) (Exercise_Sport_and_Epielpsy_IED2015.pdf | 69 kB)
PDF icon Explaining epilepsy (Explaining_Epilepsy.pdf | 377 kB)

Basic information on epilepsy and seizures

PDF icon Explaining epilepsy to a child (Explaining_Epilepsy_to_a_Child.pdf | 378 kB)

How to explain to your child about his/her seizures (and why you should)

PDF icon First Aid for Seizures (FIRST_AID_FOR_SEIZURES.pdf | 695 kB)

What to do and not to do during a seizure

PDF icon First Aid poster (EI_First_Aid_A4_web.pdf | 606 kB)

What to do if someone has a tonic clonic seizure. Download, Print, Display!

PDF icon Folic Acid (FOLIC_ACID.pdf | 284 kB)

Why is extra folic acid required for women with epilepsy?

PDF icon Frequently asked questions (Frequently_asked_Questions.pdf | 1.47 MB)

All the most common questions we are asked at Epilepsy Ireland are answered in this useful leaflet

PDF icon Lifestyle issues (Epilepsy_Lifestyle_Issues.pdf | 764 kB)

Lifestyle tips to minimise the impact of epilepsy

PDF icon Living Well with Epilepsy Toolkit Flyer (Living_Well_Poster.pdf | 214 kB)

 A free toolkit and support session for parents and for people with epilepsy

PDF icon Living with sense and safety (Living_with_Sense__Safety.pdf | 569 kB)

Everyone faces potential hazards in their home. This leaflet outlines some safety measures to consider

PDF icon Managing Seizures Policy 2016 (EI13_Managing_Seizures_Policy_2016.pdf | 2.34 MB)


PDF icon Moving Forward - teen booklet (Epilepsy_and_Teens_Booklet.pdf | 6.70 MB)


PDF icon New Beginnings (New_Beginnings.pdf | 3.16 MB)

A guide to your child's epilepsy (updated 2014)

PDF icon Nocturnal Seizures (Nocturnal_Seizures.pdf | 167 kB)

General advice for people who experience nocturnal seizures

PDF icon Photosensitive Epilepsy (PHOTOSESITIVE_EPILEPSY_AND_VDUs.pdf | 607 kB)

Photosensitive Epilepsy is sensitivity to flashing/ flickering lights as well as some patterns and glare. About 3-5% of people with epilepsy are photosensitive.

PDF icon Protected Disclosures Policy 2016 (EI10_Protected_Disclosures_Policy_2016.pdf | 452 kB)


PDF icon Providing Information & Support to People with Epilepsy (Info_and_Support_Leaflet_2013.pdf | 77 kB)

Information and supports that Epilepsy Ireland provide to People with Epilepsy.

PDF icon Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy 2016 (EI16_Safeguarding_Vulnerable_Adults_Policy_2016.pdf | 1.54 MB)


PDF icon Safety & Seizures 2017 (-Epilepsy_Ireland-FINAL_Safety_and_Seizures.pdf | 2.94 MB)
PDF icon Seizure Diary Explained (Seizure_Diary.pdf | 278 kB)

How to get the most from using your seizure diary

PDF icon Seizure Diary (Monthly) (Seizure_Diary__Monthly_.pdf | 24 kB)

Page from a monthly seizure diary to monitor your seizure activity.

PDF icon Seizure Diary (Weekly) (Seizure_diary__weekly_.pdf | 16 kB)

Page from a weekly seizure diary to monitor your seizure activity.

PDF icon Seizures (Seizures.pdf | 535 kB)

Information on different types of seizures

PDF icon Services Programme 2017 (EI_Service_Programme_2017_FINAL.pdf | 2.15 MB)
PDF icon Service User Consent Policy 2016 (EI09_Service_User_Consent_Policy_2016.pdf | 802 kB)


PDF icon Staff and SU Consultation Policy 2016 (EI14_Staff_and_SU_Consultation_Policy_2016.pdf | 587 kB)


PDF icon Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (Strategic_Plan_2017-2021_Summary_Final.pdf | 640 kB)

Epilepsy Ireland's Strategic Plan summary document, launched December 2016

PDF icon SUDEP report (National_Sentinel_Clinical_Audit_of_Epilepsy.pdf | 2.25 MB)

National Sentinel Clinical Audit of epilepsy related death (UK)

PDF icon Supporting You All the Way (Supporting_You_all_the_Way.pdf | 2.24 MB)

A guide to the work and services of Epilepsy Ireland. Find out how we can help you.

PDF icon Taking Control of Epilepsy (Taking_Control_of_Epilepsy.pdf | 398 kB)

Information on trigger factors and lifestyle issues to help you manage your epilepsy

PDF icon Talking About Epilepsy (Talking_about_Epilepsy_FINAL.pdf | 594 kB)

This publication explains how to talk to children about epilepsy.

PDF icon Teachers information (USEFUL_INFORMATION_FOR_TEACHERS.pdf | 254 kB)

Useful information for teachers about epilepsy

PDF icon Teachers - Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School (Amended) (Managing_Chronic_Health_Conditions_at_School__amended.pdf | 4.01 MB)

Resource Pack to accompany Epilepsy in School DVD. Click here

PDF icon Treatment of epilepsy (Treatment_of_Epilepsy.pdf | 674 kB)

All you need to know about epilepsy medications, surgery and complementary approaches

PDF icon Useful Phrases (Useful_Phrases.pdf | 441 kB)

Useful phrases translated which may be helpful when travelling abroad

PDF icon Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS.pdf | 325 kB)

Information on the vagal nerve stimulator (VNS), a device used for the treatment of intractable partial or generalised epilepsy.

PDF icon Women With Epilepsy Booklet (Women_and_Epilepsy.pdf | 2.64 MB)


PDF icon Your guide to Epilepsy (Your_Guide_to_Epilepsy_Leaflet_2013.pdf | 58 kB)

An information guide on different types of seizures.

PDF icon You, Your GP & Epilepsy (You__your_GP_and_epilepsy.pdf | 392 kB)

Information that will help you get the most out of your relationship with your GP

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