03-07-2015 | Smartphone apps present and future discussed in epilepsy journal

03 July 2015
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Neurologists writing in the International Journal of Epilepsy have evaluated the application of smartphones in everyday epilepsy care.

The paper by Lakshmi Narasimhan Ranganathan and colleagues at the Madras Medical College Institute of Neurology in India looks at apps like seizure diaries; medication trackers; information apps and apps to detect seizures by sensing irregular motions characteristic of a seizure.

The authors are encouraging patients to take advantage of these technologies, while predicting significant advances in the coming years like being able to monitor electrical activity in the brain with a headset that sends EEG signals directly to a smartphone.

They also predict that sensors integrated into smartphones might allow continuous drug monitoring too. Rather than taking anti-epileptic drugs continuously and suffering from their cognitive side effects, people might take those drugs only when a seizure is coming on.

"The field of mobile technology is advancing with a break neck pace... The possibilities of using such rapidly evolving mobile technology in the field of medicine are endless," the authors conclude.

Have you used Epilepsy Ireland's smartphone app yet? The app is currently available on Android in the Google Play Store and helps people with epilepsy to track and record their seizures, as well identify potential trigger factors and seizure patterns. Version 2 of the app, which will be a more complete epilepsy management solution, as well as an iPhone version are in currently development.

Source: http://www.elsevier.com/atlas/story/people/theresanappforthat


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