6-11-2009 | Irish Medical Times article highlights delays for epilepsy surgery

06 November 2009
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An article in this week's issue of the Irish Medical Times (www.imt.ie) highlights the fact that people with epilepsy must wait between three and five years to have life-saving epilepsy surgery at Beaumont Hospital.

In an interview with the paper, Dr. Norman Delanty confirmed that the waiting time for an initial appointment to see a neurologist is 2 years. Further delays are experienced waiting for an MRI scan (10 months), Video EEG (two years) and to see a neuropsychologist (1 year).

Dr Delanty said that this process is too long and potentially life threatening. Despite the delays, funding for a fifth neurology consultant post in Beaumont was withdrawn last month. The position was originally earmarked for a consultant with expertise in epilepsy.

The full article, which also looks at neurology services around the country in more detail, can be viewed at http://www.imt.ie/news/2009/11/fiveyear_wait_for_epilepsy_sur.html

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