11-9-2009 | Epilepsy & Driving: New EU Directive comes into force

11 September 2009
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'11-9-2009 | Epilepsy & Driving: New EU Directive comes into force' image

European Directive 209/112 EC, on the subject of driving licences came into law on the 29th August. The directive aims to standardise the national laws that currently exist across the EU and included in it are new regulations on epilepsy and driving.

EU member states, including Ireland now have up to one year to introduce new legislation or amend existing legislation to be in line with the Directive's provisions.

Existing Irish legislation covering Group 1 (cars, vans, motorbikes) is broadly in line with the directive but for Group 2 (buses, lorries etc.), some changes will be required to reflect the new 10-year provisions.

For more information or to download the text of the Directive, visit the website of the International Bureau for Epilepsy, whose Driving and Epilepsy Task Force has played an active role in the legislative process in Europe..


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