26-05-2017| UK vet finds a new way to treat epilepsy in dogs

26 May 2017
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Dogs with epilepsy are being fitted with implants typically used in humans in an effort to treat the condition.

Veterinary neurologist Tom Harcourt-Brown said pacemakers, known as Vagus Nerve Stimulators (VNS), are "potentially life saving".

Langford Vets which are based in Bristol said the treatment was "rarely curative" but could lower the requirement for medication.

VNS are pacemaker type devices, which are usually implanted in children with medically unresponsive seizures.

Mike Carter, Paediatric neurosurgeon at Bristol Children's Hospital told BBC News: "As we know, many human treatments start off as treatments that are either trialled or in some way propagated in the animal population.

"And it may well be that there are in fact benefits to humans from observing the way in which treatments work in animals as well. And that's very much what we're hoping for here."

Article source: BBC News

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