30-04-2015 | Major new US initiative in genetics database for epilepsy announced

30 April 2015
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Those who attended the recent" Epilepsy Research Explained" event in the Royal College of Surgeon will be aware that for people with uncontrolled epilepsy advances in genetics is Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) Foundation announced a major new programme the Epilepsy Genetics initiative (EGI) which is the first ever database dedicated solely to the genetics of epilepsy.

Although initial DNA analysis may not reveal a cause for epilepsy initially the database can provide access to researchers to a pool of genetic data on an unprecedented level. It can permit reanalysis of data as new breakthroughs are made. It will also allow collaborative research linking people with epilepsy, doctors and research scientists. It is envisaged that this approach will lead to more targeted treatments which can be tailored to individuals based on their genetic profile. The database will in this way give a tool to refine and firm up diagnoses and allow more people benefit from new advances in a more strategic way. It will help in the identification of genetic mutations which case epilepsy and better inform the medical teams treating people with epilepsy as to why some people with epilepsy experience other effects such as cognitive difficulties or mood problems such as depression.

The database will operate by holding genetic data centrally with the facility for repeat analysis with the latest discoveries. According to Dr. Tracy Dixon-Salazar, associate director of CURE and parent of a child with severe epilepsy who has benefitted from genetic sequencing, " EGI can get us closer to identifying treatments and cures to help those and others living with epilepsy." Dr. Susan Axelrod, Chair of CURE explained "EGI is paving the way for a future of personalised , precision medicine"

For further information about EGI visit the Cure Foundations website. 

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