19-07-2017| “Fit Bit for the Brain” that Tracks Seizures

19 July 2017
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'19-07-2017| “Fit Bit for the Brain” that Tracks Seizures' image

St. Vincent's Hospital and the Graeme Clark Institute in Melbourne created a new device that has the potential to predict and prevent epileptic seizures. The device is called The Minder, it is fitted on the scalp under the skin and records brainwaves.

The data retrieved from Minder is recorded and stored on an app. The app will be used to alert people with epilepsy when a seizure is likely to come. The data that will come up on the app will be in the form of a weather forecast, "in the next few hours they may be a 60% chance of seizures" for example. The device also has the potential to notify people if someone blacked out.

Neurologist and lead researcher Professor Mark Cook, believes the data will also aid in diagnosing and adjusting medication for people with epilepsy. This could be a game changer for doctors and people with epilepsy because it is almost impossible to analyze every seizure a person has which makes it even harder to find the best treatment for the individual.

Minder has been in trials for the past five years and researchers say it could be four years away if they can receive the proper funds to manufacture the device. Bionics Institute chief executive, Robert Klupacs believes that once the device hits the market it could be around $15-$25,000. It seems like a lot but when you work out how much people are paying now to be monitored over months, Minder is actually less, says Klupacs. He is hopeful the technology will be tested in clinical trials within the next 12 months.

Article source: abc.net.au

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