30 November 2009
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The fourth edition of this excellent book has just been published. Written by three world class experts in epileptology, Professor Martin Brodie (who some Brainwave members will recall as a speaker at our National Conference) of Glasgow, Prof.Steven Schachter of Boston and Prof. Patrick Kwan from Hong Kong, the book was first published in 1999. It is aimed primarily at those working in primary care such as GPs, practice nurses and public health and epilepsy specialist nurses but it is the sort of publication that anyone willing to take the time to study the condition of epilepsy, will gain enormous benefi t from 

It packs a load of information into just 138 pages and is, at this point in time, easily the most up to date book on current antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) including every new drug on the market right up to this year. Non-medical readers should be warned though that all details given about AEDs are in respect of their generic names i.e. if you are looking for details about say Keppra you must look under it's generic name of Levetiracetam, no brand names are included here.

Obviously, in the limited space available to the authors, detailed explanations on particular epilepsy subjects cannot be included. However, references to what the authors consider the best available literature on each subject are included at the end of each chapter to enable further reading if this is required. The book is laid out in an excellent format using colours throughout to separate the different subjects. There are clear tables, charts and pictures used throughout the book to illustrate different aspects of each chapter. The book is broken down into ten colour coded chapters under the key headings such as Diagnosis, Quality of Life etc. In addition, there is an excellent Glossary, an Index and a list of key epilepsy organizations. While Brainwave is not listed with these we are hopeful that we will be included in the 5th edition!

We can highly recommend Fast Facts Epilepsy which is available from all good bookshops at a price of €15.00 however the publishers have agreed that Brainwave members can get it for the special discounted price of only €9. It is published in soft cover by the Health Press.

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