17-11-2015 | Galway entrepreneur invents safety device for epilepsy

17 November 2015
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EpiSafe is a new monitor and alarm system invented by Galway entrepreneur Audrey Holland for people with epilepsy.

EpiSafe works by monitoring the triggers of a seizure in a non-invasive way. Using wireless, the device is worn on the wrist and gathers data related to the user's blood oxygen level, heart pulse rate and movement to determine the factors that triggers a seizure. The device will then send an alarm to notify user-selected individuals or services in the event of a seizure.

Audrey came up with the innovative idea after her brother Trevor died from a seizure last year. She also lives with epilepsy herself.

The invention was also one of top ten finalist innovations at the Irish Student Entrepreneur awards in 2015. The next step for Audrey is seeking funding from investors to develop a prototype and carrying out clinical trials. We'll keep you posted on this exciting new technology.

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