16-03-2017 |Survey on the use of cannabinoids

16 March 2017
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University of Edinburgh are conducting a survey regarding the use of cannabinoids (cannabis/ marijuana extracts) for children with epilepsy. It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential.

The aim of this survey is to explore why parents have chosen to use cannabinoid treatment, their methods of obtaining this treatment, and the perceived effectiveness of this treatment on their child's epilepsy.

The results of the study will be analysed and conclusions regarding the use of cannabinoids for children with epilepsy can then be made. The responses to the survey will enable us to obtain an insight into the experiences of families who use cannabinoids. Our research aims to raise awareness about the reasons why parents are choosing cannabinoids as a treatment option and the ways in which those considering using cannabinoids can be offered appropriate help and guidance, ensuring that they are able to make informed decisions about their child's medical treatment.

This survey has been ethically approved by the University of Edinburgh and is part of an SSC2B research project that will be carried out from the 4th March until the 27th March 2017.

The survey can be completed by clicking this link.

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