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16-11-2009 | Epilepsy Action conference report

A regional conference organised by UK epilepsy charity Epilepsy Action called Epilepsy And Lifestyle took place in Belfast on the 26th September. » read more


6-11-2009 | Irish Medical Times article highlights delays for epilepsy surgery

An article in this week's issue of the Irish Medical Times highlights the fact that people with epilepsy must wait between three and five years to have epilepsy surgery at Beaumont Hospital. » read more


4-11-09 | HSE and H1N1 Vaccination

The HSE recommends that certain patients in 'high risk groups' receive the H1N1 vaccine. » read more


19-10-09 | Research to treat epilepsy from birth

A new £10 million research project in Scotland is to lead worldwide efforts to detect and treat epilepsy from birth. » read more


13-10-09 Why do people get epilepsy?

Why do people get epilepsy? Why does epilepsy gets worse? Why do people have neuropathic pain? » read more


25-9-2009 | Obesity found to be common in children with epilepsy

American researchers have found that obesity is common in children with newly diagnosed epilepsy. » read more


21-9-2009 | Study Links Epilepsy to Brain Protein

New German research has uncovered possible causes of epilepsy related to signals in the brain that malfunction. » read more


14-0-09 | Hope for children with Dravet Syndrome

University of Utah medical researchers have identified a gene that causes febrile seizures and contributes to a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome in some of the most vulnerable patients -- infants 6 months and younger. » read more


11-9-2009 | Epilepsy & Driving: New EU Directive comes into force

European Directive 209/112 EC, on the subject of driving licences came into law on the 29th August. The directive aims to standardise the national laws that currently exist across the EU and included in it are new regulations on epilepsy and driving. » read more

'25-8-2009 | New Neurologist for Cork is an epilepsy specialist' image

25-8-2009 | New Neurologist for Cork is an epilepsy specialist

At long last another Neurologist is about to be appointed for the HSE Southern region. » read more

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