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21-8-2009 | Research could lead to new treatment of epilepsy

Research by Welsh scientists could lead to radical new treatments for epilepsy. » read more


20-8-2009 | Photosensitive Analaysis Tool for Web Developers

Researchers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have released a free software tool that could help Web surfers susceptible to certain seizures. » read more


30-7-2009 | Link found between Epilepsy and Alzheimer's

The reasons behind increased seizure susceptibility in people with Alzheimer's disease have become clearer thanks to a new study from scientists at Aberdeen University. » read more


15-7-2009 | New Irish research published on epilepsy care in General Practice

A study published in the Irish Medical Journal has found that GPs face significant barriers in managing people with epilepsy in primary care. » read more


9-6-2009 | Update on changes to AED labeling in Ireland concerning increased suicidal tendencies

As previously reported by Brainwave, The FDA in the US confirmed recently that they would be putting new warnings on the labels of anti-epilepsy drugs about heightened risks of suicidal tendencies. » read more


5-6-09 | Valproate in pregnancy may lower child's IQ

A new American study has found that the commonly prescribed epilepsy drug Valproate should not be used in women who may become pregnant as children exposed to the drug in utero are at risk of havig lower IQ's » read more


4-6-2009 | Study finds epilepsy surgery safe for young children

New Canadian research has found that surgery may be a good option for young children with drug-resistant epilepsy. » read more


2-6-2009 | Prince talks about his epilepsy

Prince has revealed for the first time in a recent interview on American television that he had epilepsy as a child. » read more


27-05-09 | Travelling Abroad - Don't Forget your Passport

People with epilepsy need to take special precautions when travelling. » read more


25-05-09 | Drug found to prevent epilepsy progression

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, USA, have identified a new anticonvulsant compound that has the potential to stop the development of epilepsy. » read more

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