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14-04-2010 | Novel about Epilepsy Wins 2010 Pulitzer Prize

Paul Harding has won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for fiction for his debut novel Tinkers (Bellevue Literary Press). » read more


15-3-2010 | Study finds epilepsy misinformation common on YouTube

Last year, researchers from the IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie Medical School in Halifax, Canada initiated a project that came about by the discovery that thousands of YouTube videos have been posted about epilepsy on the internet. » read more


3-3-2010 | TV shows often mislead viewers about epilepsy first-aid

A new study has found that popular medical drams on TV often depict first aid for seizures incorrectly. » read more


29-1-2010 | Westlife X Factor performance broke epilepsy guidelines

The British media regulator Ofcom has ruled that Westlife's performance on 'The X Factor' last October breached broadcasting regulations because it could have triggered seizures in viewers with photosensitive epilepsy. » read more


28-1-2010 | Ginkgo biloba may increase seizures in people with epilepsy

German researchers have claimed that people with epilepsy should avoid the herb Ginkgo biloba as it may increase their risk of seizures. » read more


23-1-2010 | Beaumont Hospital launch Epilepsy Electronic Patient Record

A new computerised system to enhance epilepsy care at BEaumont Hospital has been launched by Minister For Health & Children Mary Harney. » read more


23-12-2009 | Generic substitution in epilepsy - an update

News has reached us of an important victory in the campaign against the substitution of branded epilepsy medications with generic equivalents. » read more


11-12-2009 | 12 tips for coping with Christmas

12 tips for the 12 days: Coping with Epilepsy over the Christmas Holidays » read more


9-12-2009 | Epilepsy drug could raise schizophrenia risk

Research finds that anti-epilepsy drugs prescribed to prevent seizures in children with epilepsy may contribute to the development of schizophrenia in adulthood » read more



The fourth edition of this excellent book has just been published. » read more

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