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23-11-2010 | My daughter's epilepsy by senior Obama advisor

President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod and his wife Susan discussed their daughter's long battle with epilepsy on Fox News Monday. » read more


27-10-2010 | Epilepsy & Depression

Could there be a link between epilepsy and depression? Professor Andres Kanner from Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago says there is. » read more


29-9-2010 | Ketogenic diet may have a role in Absence Epilepsy

A new study published this month in the Journal of Child Neurology has found that the ketogenic diet as well as the modified Atkins diet may be useful in difficult-to-treat absence epilepsy. » read more


22-9-2010 | New funding granted for Irish epilepsy research

The Health Research Board has recently awarded a grant to Prof. David Henshall at the Royal College of Surgeons for research on an exciting new epilepsy research project. » read more


21-9-2010 | EU approves new deep brain stimulation therapy for epilepsy

The European Commission approved deep brain stimulation therapy as an add-on treatment for partial-onset seizures in adults with refractory epilepsy. » read more


20-9-2010 | Swedish experts make gene therapy breakthrough

Researchers in Sweden have made an important breakthrough in the search for a gene-based cure for epilepsy. » read more


18-9-2010 | University of Ulster develop epilepsy care plan

Researchers at the University of Ulster have developed a unique care plan for treating people with epilepsy. » read more


01-09-2010 | Global Campaign Against Epilepsy website

The ILAE/IBE/WHO Global Campaign Against Epilepsy website has opened its newly redesigned... » read more


17-8-2010 | Epileptic seizures may be linked to an ancient gene family

American researchers may have found an ancient gene family that plays a role on epilepsy » read more

'6-8-2010 | AED Suicide Risk Questioned by New Study' image

6-8-2010 | AED Suicide Risk Questioned by New Study

New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found no increased risk of suicide associated with the drugs in people with epilepsy. » read more

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