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13-4-2011 | Genetics basis found linking autism and epilepsy

It has previously been suggested that there are genetic links between autism and epilepsy based on the incidence of epilepsy among people with autism. Now a Canadian Research study has found evidence of such a link for the first time giving rise to the possibility of new approaches to treating both conditions. » read more


11-4-2011 | The Cap on Special Needs Assistants (SNA’s) in Mainstream Schools

Children with special needs are now being affected by the cap on Special Needs Assistant posts introduced in last December's budget. The Department of Education Circular (DES 06/2011) stated that the number of whole time equivalent posts was to be capped at 10,575. This number has now been reached. » read more


7-4-2011 | Molecule found to protect the brain from seizures

American scientists find answers to the role of putrecine, a molecule known to be be involved in seizures. » read more


5-4-2011 | Children with epilepsy have more psychiatric symptoms

Children with epilepsy are more likely to display psychiatric symptoms according to the results of a new study from Norway. » read more


4-4-2011 | Gaming can be epilepsy trigger

Doctors in India say they have found an apparent link between excessive computer gaming and incidence of photosensitive epilepsy in children and teenagers. » read more


1-04-2011 | New stereo-EEG method to help epilepsy surgery

The neurosurgery department of Helsinki University Central Hospital has started to utilize stereo-EEG method for localizing the epileptic focus in severe epilepsy for epilepsy surgery purposes. » read more


30-03-2011 | Anti inflamatory drugs for epilepsy patients?

Anti-inflammatory drugs could be the answer to treating epileptic seizures when anti-convulsants have failed, according to research at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Italy. » read more


28-03-2011 | Cardiac Pacing may help unusual seizure condition

Mayo Clinic researchers have found that cardiac pacing may help epilepsy patients with seizure-related falls due to ictal asystole, an unusual condition in which the heart stops beating during an epileptic seizure. » read more

'24-3-2011 | Scientific teams identify gene responsible for skin reaction in epilepsy treatment' image

24-3-2011 | Scientific teams identify gene responsible for skin reaction in epilepsy treatment

Researchers in Ireland supported by Brainwave's research funding scheme have identified a gene responsible for side-effects in a common epilepsy medication. » read more

'22-3-2011| The Epilepsy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt' image

22-3-2011| The Epilepsy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In the February 2011, edition of the Journal Neurology an article by Dr. Steven Lomazow MD, author of "FDR's Deadly Secret", about Franklin Roosevelt and his epilepsy was published. » read more

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