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24-04-2014 | Blood pressure drug helps prevent epilepsy following brain injury

Researchers have found that a drug which is commonly used to treat hypertension can prevent seizures in rats with a brain injury. » read more


16-04-2014 | Thousands battling long-term illness to get €100 windfall

Report by Eilish O'Regan, Health Correspondent Irish Independent. Thousands of people with long-term illnesses are due a financial windfall with refunds of almost €100, the Irish Independent has learnt. » read more


16-04-2014 | New Definition of Seizures and Epilepsy Now Published

Earlier this week the publication of the new practical definition of seizures and epilepsy was announced. » read more


14-04-2014 | New Operational Definition of Epilepsy published for Clinicians

In 2005 an ILAE task force led by the distinguished epileptologist Dr. Bob Fisher produced a definition of epilepsy and seizures for ILAE and IBE. » read more


11-04-2014 | Autoimmune Cause of Epilepsy Researched

A recent US study provides evidence of an autoimmune cause of epilepsy, leading researchers to suggest that individuals diagnosed with either an autoimmune condition or epilepsy should be screened for the other. » read more


02-04-2014 | Irish researchers estimate psychosis rates in epilepsy

A new study, conducted by Prof. David Cotter and colleagues from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has found that people with epilepsy are nearly eight times more likely than people without the condition to experience psychosis. » read more


24-03-2014 | New report on students with disabilities in higher education in Ireland

A new report published by AHEAD has found that students with disabilities make up 4.6% of the overall student population in higher education in Ireland. » read more


20-03-2014 | Epilepsy in sea lions similar to that in humans

Could sea lions hold the answer to improved epilepsy treatment? This may not be as far-fetched a question as you might think. » read more


19-03-2014 | 'Optical switches’ could be used to treat epilepsy

German researchers have found a way to switch sensory neurons on and off using light alone. » read more


28-02-2014 | Benign Rolandic Epilepsy of Childhood 30 year follow-up: a positive outlook

Benign Rolandic Epilepsy of Childhood (BREC) is a syndrome of childhood epilepsy. It is common and affects one quarter of children with epilepsy » read more

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