18-12-2017| New resources from Epilepsy Ireland

18 December 2017
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Safety & Seizures

This new 36 page booklet focuses on all aspect of managing risk and safety relating to epilepsy care. This includes sections relating to seizure prevention, managing triggers and reducing risk, as well as First Aid for seizures, a checklist for home safety and information and advice relating to safety when out and about – including night clubs, cinemas and concerts, summer camps, holidays and travel. The final section provides a list of alarm suppliers and other seizure supports.

Epilepsy Explained – Frequently Asked Questions

This new 20 page booklet brings together all the basic facts and figures about epilepsy and provides introductory but comprehensive explanations relating to the Brain, Epilepsy, and Seizures. We address the seizure categories and how to manage seizures, and discuss the basics relating to managing treatment and medication. The final sections provide information for those living with epilepsy relating to work, family and lifestyle concerns, and provides support and information for carers, parents and guardians.

Driving & Epilepsy

Driving & Epilepsy provides the most up to date information for people with epilepsy relating to the driving regulations in Ireland for epilepsy and seizures. This short six page guide provides the basic details in a clear concise manner for all concerned.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Epilepsy Explained – Frequently Asked Questions (Epilepsy_Ireland-FINAL_Epilepsy_Explained.pdf | 2.32 MB)
PDF icon Safety & Seizures (-Epilepsy_Ireland-FINAL_Safety_and_Seizures.pdf | 2.94 MB)
PDF icon Driving & Epilepsy (Epilepsy_Ireland-_FINAL_Driving_Booklet.pdf | 905 kB)
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