22-02-2016 | Disable Inequality - Vote to end discrimination

22 February 2016
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With one week to go to election time, and a frantic weekend of canvassing ahead for all candidates, we are seeing more mention of disability in the media and in candidates' messages. The next week is crucial, and Disable Inequality needs your support!

We have three 'asks' for a new government. We've put them below to remind you, but now we have three 'asks' for you!

1. Publicise our Online Poll and the responses of the party leaders to our questions in your organisation and in your social media

The purpose of the poll is to act as an ongoing barometer to measure the impact of the commitments on disability made by each party or grouping's leader. We asked each of them to respond to our three key 'asks' in 750 words or less, outlining how they will ensure the following:
1. The appointment of a full Minister for Disability Inclusion.
2. That people with disabilities have a fair income.
3. That people with disabilities have the same access to supports and services as everyone else.
The poll will allow people with disabilities and their supporters to vote on which party they feel best responds to issues concerning people with disabilities.

2. Check out our new short video Does that Seem Fair to you? 

Launching this afternoon on www.disableinequality.ie and on our facebook and twitter pages. It covers the cost of living, the urgent need for better mental health supports, the denial of the secret ballot to people with a visual impairment and the need for policy reform to support disabled people who want to work. Help us promote it: like, share and tweet please!

3. Support our 13 stories 13 days series

Please like, share and tweet our stories for the next week. Stories still to come focus on housing, transport. Check out today's Irish Times here for a piece featuring Des Kenny talking about how people with a visual impairment are denied the secret ballot – his story is one of our 13 day stories.

We will be informing the media of these initiatives over the weekend.

There is one week to go, and we can make a real impact in making disability an important issue in the debate. Be part of it, help us Disable Inequality.

To help the Disable Inequality Campaign visit - Disable Inequality Campaign


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