18-02-2016 | Videos from 2nd Epilepsy Research Explained conference, Feb 8th 2016

18 February 2016
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'18-02-2016 | Videos from 2nd Epilepsy Research Explained conference, Feb 8th 2016' image

To mark International Epilepsy Day and highlight new research and developments in the field of epilepsy, Epilepsy Ireland and the RCSI joined forces on February 8th to organise the 2nd Epilepsy Research Explained public seminar held at the RCSI in Dublin.

Videos of all the talks are now on our YouTube page. Click on the speaker name to watch the video.

Keynote Speaker: Dr Tracy Dixon-Salazar, CURE
Dr Dixon-Salazar from the CURE organisation in the US discussed her own inspirational personal story and explained in plain English how genetic testing and personalised medicine may well hold the key to finding epilepsy cures in the future.

Richard Corbridge, HSE Chief Information Officer
Richard Corbridge, HSE's Chief Information Officer discusses recent and upcoming e-health developments in Ireland including the HSE's Epilepsy Lighthouse project, which will see major investment in the Epilepsy Patient Record and the introduction of targeted genetic testing in a clinical context.

Yvonne Owen, Beaumont Hospital
Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Epilepsy, Yvonne Owen discusses epilepsy technology in the home including alarms, watches and apps.

Dr Veronica Lambert, DCU
Dr Lambert discusses her research on how children and families communicate about epilepsy and the impact that different communication styles can have on wellbeing.

Prof Agnes Higgins,Trinity College Dublin
Prof Higgins discusses her research on the role and impact of Epilepsy Specialist Nurses on epilepsy care in Ireland.

Dr Naomi Elliott, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Elliott discusses her research – the How 2 Tell project - on how adults with epilepsy self-disclose their condition.

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