5-7-2010 | Prevalence of Epilepsy in Ireland study published in Epilepsia

05 July 2010
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'5-7-2010 | Prevalence of Epilepsy in Ireland study published in Epilepsia' image

Results from the Prevalence of Epilepsy in Ireland study commissioned by Brainwave and conducted by the UCD Centre for Disability Studies (Dr. Christine Linehan) have been published in the scientific journal Epilepsia.

Epilepsia is the journal of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the most authoritative source for current clinical and research results on all aspects of epilepsy.

The study was launched and disseminated by Brainwave during National Epilepsy Week 2009 and is regarded as the first national epilepsy prevalence study undertaken anywhere in Europe. It is to date one of the most important pieces of epilepsy research conducted in Ireland.

The key finding of the study was a national prevalence of treated epilepsy of 9 per 1,000 people for those over the age of 5, meaning that there are 36,844 people over the age of 5 years living with epilepsy in Ireland.

In her conclusions in Epilepsia, Dr. Linehan wrote "These findings have important implications. National prevalence estimates of lifetime epilepsy and treated epilepsy have been identified, which will have value both in care planning and for those lobbying for care change. Data from clinical sources indicate that although the numbers of persons with epilepsy presenting at primary care may fall within international limits, those presenting at specialist and acute services are underserved by the number of neurologists nationwide, which fall well short of national recommendation of one neurologist per 100,000 population (Comhairle na nOspideal, 2003)."

Much more information on the study and its findings can be found here. For information on other research currently being funded by Brainwave, see our Research section.

Click here to view an abstract of the research on the Epilepsia website (note that the full text is available only to subscribers)

Examining the prevalence of epilepsy and delivery of epilepsy care in Ireland
*Christine Linehan, †Mike P. Kerr, *Patricia N. Walsh, ‡Gerry Brady, §Cecily Kelleher, ¶Norman Delanty, *Frances Dawson, and #Mike Glynn
Epilepsia, 51(5):845-852,2010

*Centre for Disability Studies, School of Psychology, University College Dublin, Ireland ; †Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom ; ‡Central Statistics Office, Dublin, Ireland ; §School of Public Health & Population Science, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland ; ¶Beaumont Hospital and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland ; and #Brainwave, the Irish Epilepsy Association, Dublin, Ireland


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