18-2-2011 | European Epilepsy Day 2011 reviewed

18 February 2011
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To mark the first ever European Epilepsy Day (EED) on February 14th (the feast day of St Valentine, patron saint of epilepsy), Brainwave kicked off the "Seizure Aware" campaign to improve the general public's understanding of epilepsy and first aid for seizures.

The analogy of a computer crashing was selected as the theme for the campaign and over 350 radio ads were placed on Today FM, Newstalk and RTE as well as on 16 local stations. The radio ad, voiced by Brainwave's Patron, 2FM presenter Rick O'Shea compared what happens in the brain during a seizure to what happens to a computer when it crashes, an analogy often used to give people a snapshot understanding of what a seizure approximates.

The ads began on February 1st and ran until February 14th. Following this, the radio ad was used as the basis of a new TV ad to run on Setanta between February and April.

The ads encourage people to visit epilepsy.ie to become Seizure Aware. During the period of the campaign the number of visitors to the site increased four-fold.

Brainwave also launched pages on Facebook and Twitter to mark EED. We hope that these new media will play a major role in the work of Brainwave in the coming years.

There were newspaper articles in the Irish Times and the Star as well as radio interviews on Radio 1 and many local stations. A photocall also took place, featuring the children of St Enda's primary school, Whitefriar St, beside the Carmelite Church where St Valentine's relics are kept.

Plenty of events also took place around the country. Brainwave's Midlands office held a well-attended information evening at the Tullamore Court Hotel with Clinical Epilepsy Nurse Specialist Denise Cunningham. Meanwhile, students from the Training For Success programme gave an Epilepsy Awareness presentation in the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Open Days were held at the Brainwave offices in Dublin and Cork.

We would like to thank the following people for donating their time, services and expertise in support of EED:


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