14-05-2018| Kevin Kilbane reveals childhood epilepsy diagnosis

14 May 2018
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Former Ireland football International Kevin Kilbane has talked about having epilepsy in his childhood years at a recent Epilepsy Ireland fundraiser lunch.

Kilbane explained how he had over 20 seizures from the ages of 9 to 12 and continued to take medication in his teenage years, before growing out of the condition.

Speaking to Joe Molloy at an Epilepsy Ireland lunch in the Radison Blue Hotel (Dublin), he said: "I was one of the fortunate ones with my epilepsy with the fact I grew out of it and was able to have a prolonged football career."

He added: "I kept it quiet as there was still a taboo with the condition in the late 80s and I was afraid it would affect my football career. Today I would say that there is hope for anybody with condition – you live to tell the tale and fight another day on the back of it."







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