12-05-2015 | Videos from Epilepsy Research Explained event

12 May 2015
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To highlight some of the advances that are being made in epilepsy research and to predict what impact these will have in the future, Epilepsy Ireland and the RCSI joined forces in April to organise the "Epilepsy Research Explained: Recent Discoveries and Future Directions" event in Dublin. Hosted at RCSI, the presentations by leading Irish epilepsy researchers were aimed at a general, non-medical audience. Videos of four of the talks are now on our YouTube page.

Introduction by Prof Norman Delanty, Beaumont Hospital

Dr Gianpiero Cavalleri, RCSI
Dr Cavalleri explained some of the common genetic terminology and introduced the basic concepts on which genetic testing is based. He discussed the different technologies that are now available to determine the contribution of genes to a particular individuals' epilepsy.


Prof David Henshall, RCSI
Prof David Henshall focused on recent discoveries about tiny molecules called microRNA that are found in the brain and in blood. His work is looking at how these molecules impact the brain's excitability and how changes in their levels may cause epilepsy.


Prof Norman Delanty, Beaumont Hospital
Professor Delanty gave a fascinating talk on how epilepsy treatment might look in ten years' time. He highlighted a number of approaches under development for the diagnosis, management and treatment of epilepsy, including novel genetic approaches and new drugs, devices and technologies.


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