Top 10 Things you can do to support Epilepsy Ireland's work

03 April 2012
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Epilepsy Ireland strives to improve the health and quality of life for people with epilepsy, and we rely on voluntary contributions to fund much of our work, providing information, support & training, raising epilepsy awareness and funding epilepsy research.

You may not realise it, but there are many ways you can help make a difference in maintaining and expanding that work.

Here's our top 10 list of things you can do to help...

1. Represent Epilepsy Ireland

Sign up to take part in a run, walk or cycle in your area and get in touch for your sponsorship pack. Whether its walking 10k in a mini-marathon or cycling from Cork to Donegal, you can raise sponsorship for Epilepsy Ireland by taking part. Contact us today for your sponsorship pack

2. Volunteer your time.
Sometimes the old ways are the best! We're always keen to hear from people interested in volunteering for our collections, whether once a year or slightly more regularly. All you need is a few hours to spare! You can take part in our ongoing churchgate collections, Rose Appeals in February and October or help with our summer collections at sporting events. Drop us a line to find out more.

3. Organise an event.
People do all sorts of things to raise money... from organising a coffee morning to cycling around the world! Some of the other great ideas we've come across include a sponsored car wash, a kids' Halloween disco, a tractor parade, a used book sale and an Oscars-themed party. Turn something you enjoy doing into a fundraiser. Find more ideas here

4. Make a donation.
If the old ways are often the best, then so too are the simple ways, and what could be simpler than making a one-off or a regular donation to Epilepsy Ireland. You can make a donation by phone, by post or online through our website or mycharity page.

5. Nominate us.
Workplaces, schools, colleges and clubs do tremendous work every year raising money for charities. So if you come across a Charity of the Year initiative, let us know or nominate us! A small act on your behalf could lead to big results and also make big inroads in raising epilepsy awareness.

6. Join Epilepsy Ireland and Stay in touch
Membership costs just €12.70 per annum. As well as all the benefits you'll enjoy as a member, it also ensures you are constantly in touch with us and you'll be aware of all the opportunities that come up to get involved and support our work. Don't forget to sign up for our E-zine as well.

7. Support Epilepsy Ireland fundraising
Whether it is a Epilepsy Ireland Brainteaser quiz night, our Annual raffle in Autumn, Christmas cards in December, calendars in January or even if you see a fundraiser at your local shopping centre, you can support our work by supporting our fundraising activities.

8. Once in a lifetime
Do you have a dream to bungee off a tall bridge, jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet or trek in South America? Whatever your dream, you can support your favourite charity and help realise it by signing up and collecting sponsorship. Contact us with your once in a lifetime dream!

9. Leave a Legacy
Leaving a legacy to Epilepsy Ireland in your Will allows you to make a significant gift without affecting your finances today. Making your will provides a unique chance to provide for a charity that you care about and leave a lasting contribution. Contact us to find out more about leaving a legacy.

10. Bring others on board
We'll love you if you decide to get involved in our fundraising work, but we'll love you doubly if you bring a friend or a group of friends along for the ride! Make your fundraising a social occasion to really look forward to. At work, there's even more opportunities to get others involved - sell roses, Christmas cards, raffle tickets to colleagues or donate a prize/ voucher.

We lied... there's actually 11 things in this top 10 list! The final suggestion is something we all can do, yet it's still something that's vitally important...

11. Tell the world
Simply tell a friend, family member, colleague (or total stranger!) all about Epilepsy Ireland , the work we do and how we've helped you. Be an advocate for epilepsy. The more that people know about Epilepsy Ireland and our work, the more likely they will be to get involved. Don't forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and share posts you find interesting. 

Thanks for reading! We hope there's something there for everyone to get involved with. We really need your support in 2013. Especially in these difficult times, no assistance you can offer is too small and WILL make a difference.

Get in touch with Ashley, Michael, John today by emailing or calling us at 01 4557500. 

Thank you for supporting Epilepsy Ireland.

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