28-02-2018| Tips for staying safe and reducing your seizure risk during Storm Emma

28 February 2018
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'28-02-2018| Tips for staying safe and reducing your seizure risk during Storm Emma' image
  • Make sure you have enough epilepsy medication for the coming days
  • Staying warm is important for everyone, especially those whose seizures are triggered by extreme cold and weather changes
  • Keep your home heated as much as you can
  • As always, be careful with certain heat sources such as open fires, electric bar heaters and gas heaters which can be hazards in falls
  • Use secure fireguards to protect against burns injuries during falls
  • Layer clothing to prevent heat loss
  • Eat regularly, hot meals are important as well as soups and warm drinks
  • Charge your phone and any seizure alarm devices in case of power cuts
  • In the event of power cuts torches are safer to use than candles if you are prone to seizures
  • Be extra careful if you have to go out and about, avoid going alone if possible, to reduce risk of undetected seizures or falls in snow
  • If you live alone have a support person or neighbour check in with you
  •  If you need the use of vital medical equipment that is dependent on a power supply you may register with your electricity supplier as a Vulnerable Customer for priority restoration of power supply


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