28-08-2015 | DCU researchers publish papers on epilepsy disclosure and family communications

28 August 2015
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Researchers at Dublin City University studying the communication strategies employed by families living with childhood epilepsy and how children and their families disclose epilepsy to others, have published two papers in the epilepsy journal Epilepsy & Behaviour.

Both papers are systematic reviews of existing literature on the topics and form part of a wider research programme led by Dr Veronica Lambert and funded by Epilepsy Ireland and the Health Research Board. It is hoped that findings from the group's original research will be published in 2016.

Many Epilepsy Ireland members have agreed to take part in the studies, which ultimately aim to develop an effective family-based communication intervention.

For more on the DCU research, check out this video.

Links to the studies published in Epilepsy & Behaviour:

To tell or not to tell: A systematic review of the disclosure practices of children living with Epilepsy and their parents.

Family communication in the context of pediatric epilepsy: A systematic review


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