13-07-2015 | When Mummy Gets Dizzy and Daddy Falls Down

13 July 2015
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Epilepsy Ireland is pleased to announce a new publication designed to support parents with epilepsy when explaining their epilepsy to young children. If you are a parent who has epilepsy we hope this will be a valuable resource.

This poetry and colouring book contains two poems, specially written by our National Information Officer Geraldine Dunne - When Mummy Gets Dizzy is a poem about complex partial seizures while When Daddy Falls Down is a poem about tonic clonic seizures.

The pictures in the book, drawn by Philip Elliott can be coloured in by your child which will help to reinforce their learning.

The booklet is available from Epilepsy Ireland Head Office and will shortly be available from all regional offices. Contact info@epilepsy.ie for your copy.

A pdf version can also be downloaded below.


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PDF icon Poetry & Colouring Book for children (Childrens_Poetry_and_Colouring_Book.pdf | 422 kB)
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