03-08-2018| Family Fun Day at Clara Lara Fun Park

03 August 2018
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Community Resource Officer Carina Fitzgerald talks about another successful family fun day.

Epilepsy Ireland recently had our annual Family Fun day at Clara Lara Fun Park in the Vale of Clara, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow. Clara Lara comprises of 30 Acres of countryside in the Avonmore River valley and is very scenic in a beautiful setting.

121 people attended comprising of 29 families - 54 Adults and 67 children. Like last year we gave everyone an Epilepsy Ireland sticker so families could identify each other, though the children probably lost them quickly in one of the many water activities! One parent said it was a good chance to chat with other families, it being optional not compulsory. 

Similar to Fort Lucan last year there wasn't an area where we all came together for lunch but with the amazing weather it was nicer to have lunch outside at one of the many picnic tables. Clara Lara reserved an area for Epilepsy Ireland with some picnic tables and many joined us and other families there. We had a cake to celebrate Karen Keely's son Lorcan's 19th birthday, which was much appreciated by Karen and her boys.

One family gave me the good news that their son Donnacha was being weaned off his medication. Mum and Dad are delighted; however, Mum told me Donncha was upset that he may no longer have epilepsy as he would not be able to come to our Family Fun Day. I assured Donnacha that we would invite him and his family again next year. 

Pictured above are The Ryan Family who came all the way from Cahir Co. Tipperary. 

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