You, Your GP and Epilepsy

Your G.P. is generally the first professional you come into contact with for all your medical needs and will normally be the person who refers you on to a specialist service for further investigations and a diagnosis. Often when a diagnosis is made it can take some time to sink in.

If you have concerns or queries about your epilepsy or treatment it is advisable to book some time to discuss these matters with your G.P. before your next consultant appointment. Bear in mind the G.P. or indeed the consultant may not have all the answers to every question that you may have but they can understand your concerns and are well placed to discuss them with you.

It can be hard to know where to start when you have so many questions or if you don't what you should or shouldn't be concerned about. All concerns and questions are valid - there is no such thing as a silly question - unless of course we never ask it.

General Questions

We start with some of the general questions most people ask » read more


Lifestyle Issues

Epilepsy can have an impact on many aspects of life » read more


Women's Issues

There are many issues which are particular to women » read more



Be sure you understand how your epilepsy will be treated » read more



A diagnosis epilepsy can be a worrying experience, involving a number of tests, » read more


Safety Issues

It is important to ensure you consider all aspects of personal safety. » read more


Other Questions

More possible questions you may need to consider asking. » read more

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