Epilepsy Surgery

Who can be helped by epilepsy surgery?

25 February 2009
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Some people's epilepsy is caused by a specific structural problem in part or parts of the brain. This may have resulted from some form of head injury, occurring either at birth or in later life, or from cerebral infection, for example. It is also possible that the brain did not develop properly or there is some form of scarring, lesion or a birthmark on the brain which the person was born with. Having epilepsy surgery, which put very simply, means removing the abnormal or damaged part of the brain, may help some of these.

This is major brain surgery and is not undertaken lightly.

Over 70% of people who have epilepsy surgery become completely seizure free. To find out whether someone is suitable for this type of surgery a number of things will need to be taken into account by the consultant or specialist.

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