Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy surgery offers some people with epilepsy an opportunity of seizure freedom or reduction.

Surgery may be considered when seizures are not responding to medication. In general, people with resistant partial seizures are more likely candidates for epilepsy surgery than people who have generalised seizures. If the seizures are found to arise only from a single small part of the brain then this part may be removed to control the epilepsy.

However, anyone who is being considered for epilepsy surgery will have to undergo extensive investigations before the surgery is performed.

Why epilepsy surgery?

The aim of surgery is to stop or reduce your seizures. It may be considered for some people in specific circumstances... » read more


Pre-Surgical Evaluation

Pre-Surgical testing aims to locate the area in your brain where the seizures start. This can be a lengthy process. » read more


Main types of surgery

A brief explanation of some of the most common types of epilepsy surgery » read more

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