Complementary Treatments

25 February 2009
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Therapies such as hypnosis, acupuncture, herbal remedies are not recommended, as suitable treatments for epilepsy and it would be unwise to substitute them for medication.

However, some people find that they can help to control the frequency of their seizures by using stress reduction techniques to alleviate anxiety, which can provoke seizures. Sleep deprivation is another common trigger of seizures so getting sufficient and regular sleep can help.

Avoid specific triggers like flashing lights in the case of people with photosensitive epilepsy can also help to reduce or control seizures.

An article - Aromatherapy & Epilepsy - appeared in the 1998 Summer issue of Epilepsy News and is available to read online and/or download, see below.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Aromatherapy & Epilepsy (Aromatherapy_and_Epilepsy.pdf | 120 kB)
PDF icon Epilepsy Stress and Complementary Therapies (Epilepsy_Stress_and_Complementary_Therapies.pdf | 113 kB)
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