Types Of Seizures

Nocturnal Seizures

17 February 2006
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A person who experiences Nocturnal should consider the following saftey precautions regarding beds and pillows:

  • Use low good-sized beds with padded headboards.
  • Avoid soft pillows, which can be dangerous due to the risk of smothering. Use instead an anti-smother safety pillow or no pillow at all.
  • Smoking in bed is unwise for everyone and particularly so for a person with nocturnal seizures. Consider using non-flammable bedding and a smoke alarm.
  • Keep heavy furniture, lockers etc. away from bedside to prevent injury during a fall.
  • Consider using a safety mat/rug on the floor next to the bed if the person tends to fall out of bed during seizures. Such mats are similar to those used in gymnasia.
  • Avoid the use of the top bunk for persons with nocturnal seizures.
  • Wall mounted lamps may be considered as they pose less safety risks than ordinary table lamps or study lamps which are easily knocked over.
  • Avoid coarse carpets, which can lead to friction burns for those who may fall out of bed. If it's not feasible to replace carpets, a protective mat will suffice as indicated earlier.

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