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NEW Revised Driving Leaflet Q&A

New guidelines "Slainte agus Tiomaint/ Medical Fitness to Drive" (February 2013) have been issued by the Road Safety Authority (RSA). The guidelines deal with group 1 licences only (cars, light vans, motorcycles). A new Driver Licensing Authority (DLA) will co-ordinate all aspects of driver licensing into the future. 

 There are implications for people with medical conditions including epilepsy in regard to the new guidelines. The guidelines give more clarity on the responsibilities of the driver, the health professional and the driving licence authority. The main changes are in relation to the drivers' responsibility to disclose during the term of a licence and the health professionals' responsibility to report a driver who is not compliant or who is a public safety risk.

Please see document below for guidelines

PDF icon Driving Regulations (DRIVING_REGULATIONS_2010.pdf | 664 kB)
PDF icon Entitlements 2014 (Entitlements_2014.pdf | 1.62 MB)
PDF icon Long Term Illness Application Form (ltiform_1_.pdf | 58 kB)
PDF icon Medical Guidelines for Driver Licensing Issues (New_Medical_Guidelines_for_Driver_Licensing_Issues.pdf | 380 kB)
PDF icon Driving Regulations Q&A (Driving_Regulations_QandA.pdf | 291 kB)
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