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For further information, contact your local Health Service Executive; Department of Social, Community and Family Afrrairs, Revenue office or Citizens Information Centre.

www.medicalcard.ie is a new website which gives clear income guidelines for medical cards and GP visit cards. It has a "calculate your eligibility" function where you can enter details and see if you might qualify.



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01 March 2009
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Epilepsy Ireland runs a scheme for the provision of an Epi-Alert Identity Bracelet or a Safety Pillow free of charge to new members joining on a 2 year membership basis only.

The bracelet carries the number of Contactors Medical Bureau in Dublin which will store applicants' details as provided by their doctor. In the event of an emergency these details can be accessed from the Bureau by authorized personnel if the wearer is unconscious or unable to give details of their epilepsy and treatment to emergency services, hospitals or police.

The safety pillow is suitable for those with sleep seizures.

To qualify for either a free pillow or bracelet you need to be a paid up current member of Epilepsy Ireland and complete an application form obtainable by contacting 01-4557500. 

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