Taking Control of Your Epilepsy

Potential triggers which are less easy to avoid

24 February 2009
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MENSTRUAL PERIODS- in some cases only, also in catamenial epilepsy

FLASHING LIGHTS-in those few cases where a person has been diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy

SICKNESS-Illness, injury and pain, fever with high temperatures; take care to reduce temperature and seek treatment for illness and injuries.

BREATHING- Hyperventilation, and conversely breath holding; If either is a problem seek your GP's advice

HORMONES-Hormonal disturbances changes e.g. menopause; Metabolic disturbances: Discuss with your doctor

SOUNDS - Specific sound (e.g. sudden loud noise), visual (lights or geometric pattern) and touch (texture) stimuli. If you are triggered by any of these you should inform others who may expose you to them and try to avoid strong contrasting patterns, disco lights, noisy machinery or whatever stimulus triggers you.

CHANGING TIME ZONES- When travelling on long haul trips, changes of time zone may disrupt sleep patterns and medication schedules. Discuss your travel plans with your doctor some weeks in advance of departure, so that any necessary adjustments can be accommodated.

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