Taking Control of Your Epilepsy

Common triggers linked to lifestyle & well being

25 February 2009
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MISSED MEDICATION- if forgetting it is a problem consider a pill dispenser-available from pharmacies.

STRESS-e.g. Demanding workload in school or job, unemployment, diagnosis of epilepsy, pressure of finances, marriage, family problems etc, arguments, conflict, bereavement, loss. Consider stress management and relaxation classes-you can access these in your local VEC's evening classes etc.

LACK OF SLEEP- Try to have regular sleep patterns and avoid late nights if possible. If planning a late night compensate by napping earlier in the day, if sleep is broken for lengthy periods talk to your GP

OVERUSE OF ALCOHOL- Keep your intake moderate, see leaflet on Alcohol and Epilepsy

SKIPPING MEALS- Aim to have a regular pattern of meals-do not skip mealtimes even when busy. Poor nutrition may lead to deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals: Ensure you eat healthily.

EMOTIONAL DISTRESS- e.g. anxiety, excitement boredom, fear, grief, anger, depression, tension. agitation, low self esteem. Consider counselling or stress management approaches.

STIMULANTS- Use of stimulant substances speed, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin,. Avoid these substances.

PHYSICAL EXERTION-( being too active) and conversely under-exertion (being too inactive). Take a sensible approach to exercise, know your fitness levels and limits and pace yourself

WITHDRAWAL-from alcohol or street drugs: if these are a problem in your life seek help from your GP

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