Taking Control of Your Epilepsy

Taking control of your epilepsy is an important part of managing the condition of epilepsy. In addition to taking your anti-epileptic medication there are other things you can actively do (or not do) to help reduce seizure frequency. The following are lists of potential trigger factors for people with seizures- some are avoidable, others less east to avoid. Not all those factors listed will apply to you, but when you read this list aim to be honest as possible in trying to identify any triggers in your lifestyle which may impact on your seizure pattern and which you could avoid or minimise. Where seizures are related to lifestyle issues YOU ALONE have the power and the choice to try to reduce them or perhaps even to eliminate them, which should benefit both your health and general well being.

Common triggers linked to lifestyle & well being

Many of these can be avoided and/or strategies developed to minmise their impact » read more


Potential triggers which are less easy to avoid

In some cases strategies may also be developed to minimise the impact » read more

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