Sport & Leisure

Using leisure in a constructive way is important. Paid employment is becoming harder to find for everyone, and time that might formerly have been filled by working needs to be taken up by other activities. If work is not possible, then a positive use of leisure time helps to prevent an erosion of physical health and self-esteem.

Children with epilepsy at school should be included in the full range of ordinary team sports and other recreational activities, unless the disorder is severe or other impairments prevent this.

Some local regulations may still be overly restrictive in this area and based on outmoded assumptions, simply knowing that a child has epilepsy says nothing about suitability for sports and other activities. Individual decisions need to be taken by informed professional working with parents and, where possible, the child as well.

Make Realistic Choices

Before any activity is undertaken, the individual with epilepsy should ask, "is this realistic given my particular circumstances"? The list of activities given below, are those about which questions are most frequently asked. » read more


Getting Epilepsy Into Perspective

In some people seizures begin for the first time in adulthood. » read more


What activities might need special guidance?

It is important to remember that one-off accidents can happen to anyone. » read more

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