Safety in the Home

In the Bathroom Domestic Bathing

24 February 2009
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a) Young children must be supervised at all times. Adults should shower or take a shallow bath keeping the bathroom door unlocked. Always turn taps off before getting into the bath.
(b) Showers are preferable to baths but showers with a high sided base should be avoided. Shower chairs can prevent falls and toughened glass in shower doors can prevent injury and are safer than curtains.
(c) To maintain privacy in the use of the bathroom an "engaged" sign is recommended. Doors should open outwards for ease of access during a seizure.
(d) Water must not become too hot as heat can induce seizures in some people. Taps and showers left running can cause scalding - fitting a thermostat can prevent this.
(e) Glass shelving should be avoided as should hard flooring which can be a hazard in the event of a fall.
(f) Tight spaces where a person can get wedged during a seizure should be avoided where possible.

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