Safety in the Home

General Principles

25 February 2009
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(a) Always keep a well stocked first aid kit.
(b) Keep all medicines in a secure place out of reach of children.
(c) Avoid having trailing electrical flexes and cords. Freestanding furniture and appliances may be knocked over easily, position furniture carefully, avoiding or covering sharp edges.
(d) Do not climb ladders and avoid use of stairs if seizures are frequent. Ground floor accommodation is preferable where possible if seizures are frequent.
(e) Avoid freestanding heaters and exposed elements; open fires are hazardous so always use a fireguard which has been fixed securely to walls or flooring. Enclose hot pipes and use radiators with a low surface temperature.
(f) Avoid or limit use of glass and mirrored panels in doors, coffee tables and other fixtures.
(g) If using electrical appliances is unavoidable use cordless ones and follow all safety precautions.
(h) Arrange a regular call system with a friend, neighbour or relative if you live alone.

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