Safety in the Home

Living with Sense & Safety

Everyone faces potential hazards in their home. Unguarded fires, badly fused plugs, carelessness with chip pans etc, can cause accidents. Good safety procedures are important for everyone. For the person with epilepsy additional risks may exist. Those whose seizures are well controlled may need to take a few extra precautions whereas people whose seizures continue to be frequent and unpredictable will need to exercise particular care especially if there is likely to be a sudden loss of consciousness without warning.

General Principles

(a) Always keep a well stocked first aid kit. » read more


In the Bathroom Domestic Bathing

a) Young children must be supervised at all times. » read more


In the Kitchen

(a) A microwave oven is safer than a conventional oven but position it carefully to prevent dislodging it. » read more


In the Bedroom

(a) Use special anti-smother safety pillow due to risk of smothering on a soft pillow during sleep seizures. » read more


In the Garden

(a) For parents who may have seizures, safety measures must ensure that young children do not wander off or otherwise sustain injury - gates need effective locks. » read more


Epilepsy, Mortality & Risks

Epilepsy is often assumed to be a benign condition with a low mortality risk. » read more

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