While some restrictions are necessary, adults and children with epilepsy should be encouraged to live a full life with the condition.

In many instances this is achieved through the adoption of safety measures particularly in respect of activities where having a seizure would pose a risk to one's own safety or that of others.

PDF icon Exercise Sport & Leisure (exercise_sport_leisure.pdf | 581 kB)
PDF icon Lifestyle Issues (Epilepsy_Lifestyle_Issues.pdf | 764 kB)
PDF icon Taking Control of Epilepsy (Taking_Control_of_Epilepsy.pdf | 398 kB)
PDF icon Living with Sense & Safety (Living_with_Sense__Safety.pdf | 569 kB)
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PDF icon Here Comes Summer You and Your Holidays (Here_Comes_the_Summer_You_and_your_Holidays.pdf | 65 kB)
PDF icon Epilepsy & Construction (Epilepsy_Construction.pdf | 716 kB)
PDF icon Parenting Young Children with Epilepsy (Parenting_young_people_with_epilepsy.pdf | 846 kB)
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PDF icon Epilepsy Alarms and Telecare Services (Epilepsy_Alarms_Telecare_Services.pdf | 650 kB)
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