Epilepsy & Travel

Before you go

01 March 2009
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Take out adequate medical insurance. Check that medical facilities are available and that your insurance will cover the cost, or that you can afford to pay for them yourself.

Medical expenses can be reclaimed in EC countries by using an E111 form. E111 forms are available from DSS offices.

Double check with your travel agent or tour operator to ensure that special arrangements have been noted and will be met.

Ensure that you have more than enough medication to last the entire holiday, including a written prescription for your epilepsy drugs - with dosage amounts clearly stated - in case of emergency.

Make a check-list of any extra equipment you will need to take with you, for example, additional medication, rubber sheets in case you are incontinent after seizures.

Check with your airline before you travel to see if they require medical certificates, e.g. British Airways need a medical certificate from your physician while Swissair require a standard medical certificate.

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